Introducing – Food For Thought

Hi, I’m RJ Scott, Director here at Insight Rabbit and I’m proud to unveil the work of our amazing team today.  This blog will be your source of news from Insight Rabbit as we hop our way into the insights industry.

I’ve always enjoyed transforming the way insights professionals use technology to access and analyze consumer insights more efficiently through technology, tools, and automation.  I’ve seen the shift away from more traditional methodologies to digital solutions and have helped clients embrace that change.

I’m beyond excited to be rolling out with a product like Insight Rabbit, the latest, greatest change yet.     Check out our press release [Click Here] for all of the official stuff, but here’s what I want my friends in the insights industry to know about The Rabbit:

Insight Rabbit isn’t simply a new tech offering- it’s backed by amazing metrics and solid data thanks to our association with MSW Research. We’re able to draw upon over 50 years of experience and normative data. So, it’s new and shiny backed by old and reliable – the best of both worlds and unlike any other offering available.

Our core competencies rest in advertising research – everything from copy testing to ad tracking and performance, and even brand equity work. In my time in the qualitative research and DIY space, I always enjoyed working with brands to optimize their advertising and marketing initiatives.  Now I have the chance to jump head first into advertising research, which brings me back to my roots; my degree in Advertising and long-standing fascination with commercials.  From the beginning, I was always the one that shushed my family and friends during the commercial breaks!

Insight Rabbit draws upon existing versions of MSW Research’s full-service methodologies and puts them into a DIY format in an online store.  So, it’s super quick and easy to book and run your study.  And you can get your results back in 24 hours – no waiting around for data!

Building your survey couldn’t be easier with our automated dashboard – it only takes 10-15 minutes.  In contrast to all the complicated, time-consuming survey platforms on the market, Insight Rabbit has kept it targeted on what counts.  You’ll log into the dashboard and answer some key questions based on your brand, category, and objectives as well as provide some additional details about your project. Then the survey basically builds itself from there, while still allowing you to customize and tailor it to your specific needs.

And for those that may think a full-blown copy test is out of their reach – the price-point for our tests will demonstrate otherwise.  We’re excited to be able to reach out to a wider network of small and medium sized businesses with a solution fit for them, while also offering large companies a product that will dramatically impact their bottom line and deliver exceptional value.

With Insight Rabbit, all of this is available to customers in not only DIY format, but also DIFY (Do-It-For-You).  This will allow our team to work closely with clients and guide them through their first projects so that they have smooth, DIY sailing for them from then on.

Until Next Time!!